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Ballet tutu

   March 12, 1839 on the stage for the first time in their lives, the audience saw a ballet tutu. The costume was made according to the sketches of the famous French artist and fashion designer Eugène Lamy for the premiere of the legendary ballerina Marie Taglioni in the ballet “La Sylphide”. Until that time, ballerinas danced in the usual heavily decorated heavy dresses that were hardly different from those in which the audience came. At the same time, Taglioni's tutu dress and the tutu of our time are very different. Over time, the tutus became easier thanks to the fashion for airy dance style that Maria Taglione introduced after she became the first ballerina in the world to stand on her fingertips. It is worth noting that in Russia, the tutu appeared only at the end of the XIX century. And it was thanks to the ballerina from the Bolshoi Theater - Adeline Jurie that the tutu became much shorter.


Marius Petipa

   On this day, 201 a year ago, Marius Petipa was born. The great and most famous Russian choreographer. As a ballet dancer he was famous in France, Spain, Germany and Russia. Thanks to his first ballet performance, it was the ballet "Paquita" in 1848, he became famous as a choreographer. And after that, he staged 74 more ballets known to us.

I consider Petersburg ballet to be the first in the world precisely because it preserved the serious art that was lost abroad.